Neighbourhood Forum Status

STRA's Neighbourhood Forum Status Renewed

In December 2017, Brent Council secured the voice of Sudbury for another five years as it approved our application to renew STRA's Neighbourhood Forum status. During the six-week consultation period, 98 responses were received, while we are delighted to report that there were no objections to STRA's designation.


Everyone at STRA is looking forward to another five years working hard to deliver a cleaner, greener, safer Sudbury that we can all be proud of.


Read the Sudbury Neighbourhood Forum designation report published by Brent Council.

STRA's Neighbourhood Forum Status up for Renewal

Consultation regarding application to renew designation of Sudbury Neighbourhood Forum


The Sudbury Neighbourhood Forum was first designated in December 2012, and was one of the first in London to take forward a neighbourhood plan. Neighbourhood Forum designations expire after a five year period. As such, Brent Council has received an application to renew the status of the Sudbury Neighbourhood Forum and is inviting representations from residents and other interested stakeholders.


Please note, If a designation is made for a neighbourhood forum, no other organisation or body may be designated as a forum for that neighbourhood area until that designation expires or is withdrawn.


To view the application, a map showing the proposed area boundary and for further information, please go to:


All responses must be submitted by 28 November 2017 through the online comment form, by email to or by post to: Policy and Projects team, Brent Civic Centre, Engineer’s Way, Wembley, HA9 0FJ.

2012 – A Big Year for STRA


We are delighted to report that Sudbury Town Residents Association (STRA) has been appointed as a Neighbourhood Forum by London Borough of Brent.


STRA has taken up the challenge of the Localism Bill (2011) concept of a Neighbourhood Plan. This is the idea of a bottom-up approach to planning for the future of an area that is led by its community. We as a community have been given a real opportunity to develop plans and shape ideas for the town we live in.


”What is a Neighbourhood Plan and what are the benefits of having one?


The purpose of Neighbourhood Planning is to give local people greater ownership of the plans and policies that affect their local area. We are being given the opportunity to take a proactive role in shaping the future of our area in which we live. The plan will be a framework for change in our area for the next ten years.

The Neighbourhood Planning will help communities to play a greater role in finding creative and imaginative ways to overcome the pressures that development can create for conservation and local services and amenities. It could also help ensure that development is in line with local needs, provides greater public amenity and more certainty for developers.” Colin Buchanan, Neighbourhood Planning.


STRA will shortly be holding a consultation exhibition on the Issues and Options relating to Sudbury Town. On the day more information on the suggested plans for Sudbury Town will be on displayed. The date and time for the exhibition will shortly be published here on our site so do visit us again soon. But in the meantime time here is an opportunity in advance of exhibition to see the  prepared Issues and Options report and after reading and digesting the information please use the leaflet below to share your thoughts. They will be collated and provided as part of the consultation.


For more background see here.


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Sudbury in Bloom

On Saturday 29 May 2021 STRA and WCARA joined hands again to spread some colour and happiness around Sudbury Town with the gift of free bedding plants.


STRA applied for and received a grant from Brent Council Love Where You Live Grant. 

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