Clean Up Campaign

Compton Avenue October 2019


STRA reported overgrown foliage into the road at Compton Avenue becoming a hazard for oncoming traffic.


The Neighbourhood Manager instructed his team.  See photographs below.


STRA helping with keeping Sudbury cleaner greener safer.

STRA Litter pick 30 March 2019

Time to Spring clean our open spaces.
#gbspringclean2019 #gbspringclean #LitterHeroes

A special thank you to all the volunteers who took time out to litter pick around Vale Farm.
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STRA's Great Plastic Pick Up - Sunday 13 May 2018

STRA took to the streets of Sudbury on Sunday 13 May, armed with bags and litter pickers to tackle the plastic problem head-on as we participated in the national Great Plastic Pick Up campaign.


We were delighted to be joined by MP Barry Gardiner, shadow cabinet member, and all three of our Sudbury councillors – Saqib Butt, Mary Daly and Thomas Stephens – as well as the Police Cadets, supervised by Rose Shepherd, and a group called the North Wembley Pathfinders from the Seventh-day Adventist Church under the watchful eyes of Pastor Kwesi Moore & Carmen Graham.

We pitched our base on Butler’s Green and set off around Sudbury. Among the areas cleared were Eton Avenue, Compton Avenue, Chilcott Close, Hastings Close and Repton Avenue, as well as Harrow Road, including along Sudbury High Street and around the Barham Park roundabout, and Watford Road as far as the Sudbury boundary with Northwick Park. We filled a total of 38 bags – and an impressive 28 of these were filled with recyclable materials which were sent off with Veolia, who kindly let us borrow their litter pickers, to receive a new lease of life.

Striving for a cleaner, greener, safer Sudbury is one of STRA’s main aims, so the Great Plastic Pick Up was something we simply had to get involved in. Our event was a great success and we are proud to have played our part in such an important national initiative. Thanks to everyone who came along and helped out on the day.


Check out our page on the Great Plastic Pick Up website

Sudbury Litter Pick   Saturday 24 March 2018

Adverse weather on 3rd March caused us to defer our Litter Pick to 24th March, when an intrepid band of volunteers met at Butler's Green with a local councillor and members of our Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Sudbury Litter Pick                Saturday 21 October 2017

STRA arranged a litter pick on Saturday 21st October. A general tidy up and sticker removal was undertaken throughout Sudbury. And as it was Diwali w/e there was quite a lot of firework litter to be cleaned up in and around Butlers Green in particular. A team of keen devoted volunteers carried out the tasks before being invited to a generous neighbour's house for a meal and refreshments after a job well done. A big thank you to all the participants which included councillors past and present, members of the police cadets and our local benefactor. The next litter pick will take place on Saturday 3rd March 2018.

Sudbury's Litterpicking Champion

Sudbury Litter Pick                          Saturday 24th June 2017

STRA organised a litter pick on Saturday, 24th June to help tackle Sudbury’s litter problem. Local Police Cadets from the Metropolitan Police, Lenio Kouppari and Joseph Mahony from the Sudbury Neighbourhood Team (SNT) and Sudbury Councillors Mary Daly and Aisha Hoda-Benn joined STRA members for our day of action.


Operating from a base on Butler’s Green, our litter pickers cleaned areas including: Sudbury High Street; Maybank Avenue; Rosebank Avenue; parts of East Lane, the Watford Road and the Harrow Road; and Butler’s Green itself.


STRA would like to express its gratitude to the Police Cadets, the SNT and Sudbury’s Councillors for their participation on the day. Thanks are also offered to Brent Council, which facilitated the litter pick by providing the litter picking equipment and organising the collection, that afternoon, of thirty filled rubbish bags.


Special thanks are also extended to Wise Guys, the hardware store at the corner of Eton Avenue and Watford Road, for donating the cleaning supplies that the Police Cadets used to remove unwanted stickers from shop windows on the high street.


Plans for another STRA litter pick are already being discussed, in conjunction with the Police Cadets and the SNT, and the next one is likely to take place on Saturday, 26th August so watch this space.

Sponsorsip provided by WiseGuys Sponsorsip provided by WiseGuys

Youngster lead the way

Eight-year-old Sam Peacock is STRA’s youngest litter picker and the grandson of Jean Peacock, STRA’s Membership Secretary.  He has already received a letter from Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council, thanking him for being such a brilliant role model.  The Brent & Kilburn Times are also acknowledging this young eco warrior who can’t understand why grown-ups set such a bad example to young people and why people do not keep their front gardens tidy.   He is a superstar at his school for being so inspirational.


It was Sam’s idea to walk around the local streets with his grandma so they could pick up the empty beer cans and bottles and he knew she needed the exercise!  Sam is passionate about doing his bit.


They enjoy the walks even though they get some funny looks from people walking past. Jean wonders what the men think when they empty her blue bin and see all the cans and bottles!


One of STRA’s local business members, Daniels Estate Agents, are sponsoring Sam a penny for every can/bottle he collects on the streets and parks of Sudbury until the end of the year.


Sam really cares – he takes great delight in watering the new tree that Brent Council planted on the grass verge outside his grandma’s house!


Let us hope that Sam’s dedication will inspire others to make a difference in the Sudbury community.

A reminder about the Cleaner Brent app for your mobile device


Brent have produced a video on using the Cleaner Brent App. Please click here to watch the video. Download the app here.


The Cleaner Brent app makes it easy to report litter, illegal rubbish dumping, and other problems in streets, parks and cemeteries to Brent council using your smartphone.


You will receive confirmation that the event has been reported and confirmation when the report is closed.

You may receive an email advising that your report has been closed, but the rubbish is still there. This normally means that the waste you reported is on private land.


This waste will not be cleared automatically by our contractor. Instead, the details will be passed to Brent's waste enforcement team to investigate. It is the responsibility of the land owner to clear waste in these instances.

You will need to make sure your phone GPS or location service settings are enabled for the app to work. Use of the app will be dependent on mobile phone network coverage in each area. Please contact your network provider for further information.


THE BIG CLEAN UP - Love Where You Live?

Sudbury’s streets now look cleaner, greener and brighter thanks to a 3 day community clean-up event organised by members of the Sudbury Town Residents Association (STRA).


STRA members teamed up with local residents, councillors, the neighbourhood police and Veolia to clean up the streets of Sudbury, and inform other residents in the area about what they can do to keep their streets and parks litter and rubbish free.


Renu Kaul, Vice-Chairman of STRA spoke passionately about the need for residents to take pride in their local area and be proactive in helping to make Brent cleaner and greener. She said: 

“We can’t put all the responsibility for keeping this borough clean and safe on the council, as a community we need to take ownership.

“If we all work together we can make a real difference in this borough. These clean-up days are not just about picking the litter up from the streets, they are about inspiring members of the community to get involved and help make Brent a beautiful, clean place to live.”


You don’t have to organise a clean-up event to play your part though, you can make a difference and keep Brent’s streets clean and tidy in a few simple clicks by downloading and using the Cleaner Brent app.

Councillor Eleanor Southwood, Cabinet Member for Environment, said:

“Keeping our streets and parks as clean as possible is a priority for us. Joining forces with residents and local groups is vital for tackling the anti-social behaviour of a few people who continue to show no respect for our environment or their neighbours."

“So I'd like to thank Renu and the other members of STRA for all their hard work organising the clean-up day. It's great to see our communities taking pride in Brent's streets and parks and going to such great efforts to help clean up our borough so it's safe and pleasant for everyone who lives here."

“With everyone doing their bit, we can make sure Brent is a place that we'll all feel very proud to call home.”

If you haven’t already, take a look at the 5 simple ways you can help to make Brent cleaner and greener.

Please try and pick up at least one piece of litter a day

Download the cleaner brent app for you mobile device. more details here. The simplist way to report fly tipped rubbish and a number of other issues.



Instructions for making best use of the app.
Instructions for making best use of the app. Some guidance from Brent Council.
Step-by-step guide for creating LCS even[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [107.1 KB]

Cleaner Sudbury - Well done Hamptons

Cleaner Sudbury - Well done Hamptons


Hamptons shop front was splashed with Paan spit for months and the stains were building up and were getting worse, Hampton' staff felt that they could not rely on the Council to jet wash this mess. They took their own brushes and mopped and cleaned their own shop front and the neighbouring area. The pavement is now sparkling clean, residents are pleased to see a clean shop front and be able to move around freely and shop locally.

A big "thank you" from STRA to Hampton's staff. STRA is for "cleaner, greener, safer" Sudbury.

Hamptons before the clean-up Hamptons before the clean-up

Week of action

STRA joined forces with Brent Council for the Partnership Week of Action.


STRA’s Event on Saturday 2 August 2014 was at Butler’s Green between 11 am to 3 pm to increase STRA membership, increase awareness and Litterpick (optional).


STRA along with Brent Council  focused on paan chewing and spitting – the health implications, crime reduction, street drinking, cleaner streets, anti-social behaviour, environmental issues and general awareness of services provided free of charge  by Brent Council.


STRA Members  had the chance to meet their councillors, find out what’s happening in their area and let Brent know what services it does well and how we can go about improving them even further.

Refuse details for those who live in flats

One of our members has brought the following leaflet to our attention. The leaflet relates to how those living in flats can recycle more.


To find out about how to recycle txtiles and batteries click here.

Flats recycling service leaflet
Flats recycling service leaflet
Flats recycling service leaflet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.7 MB]

Do not tolerate the dumping of rubbish

A few days ago local residents and STRA members witnessed one of the shopkeepers in Sudbury Town dumping boxes of rubbish in Eton Avenue.


The STRA members stopped to check and although the shopkeeper tried to hide the source of the rubbish they rummaged through and found the shop details. They reported the matter to the Council and the shopkeeper was fined and warned not to do it again.


We urge all STRA members to be vigilant. If they witness littering or illegal fly tipping and can provide evidence, they should report these incidents to the Council by phoning Streetcare on 89375050 or emailing



Litter Pick

STRA’S third litter pick was this year on Saturday, 15 September 2012 at Butler’s Green. 
We assembled at Butler’s Green at 10.30 am and finished at 1 pm. 
All members of the community came together to make a difference in Sudbury Town.

Walk about

Sudbury & Wembley Central Week of Action w/c 28 July to 2nd August 2014

Pre-event walkabout in Sudbury Town Centre

Monday 30 June 2014 9.30am


Details in the attached PDF,

2014 walkabout
Sudbury & Wembley Central Week of Action w/c 28 July to 2nd August 2014
Pre-event walkabout in Sudbury Town Centre
Monday 30 June 2014 9.30am
140630 Sudbury WoA walkabout.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [92.4 KB]

Clean up campaign

“STRA organised a clean-up campaign on Saturday, 23 July 2011. About 15 STRA members along with Councillor Mary Daly and Councillor Paul Lorber went around the neighbourhood picking up litter on Saturday, 23 July 2011 for two hours from 1000 hrs to 1200 hrs.



On Friday, 22 July 2011 Brent Council delivered to Renu Kaul, the organiser, litter pickers, gloves and plastic bags.


Also, the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Litter Pick representative, Will Grace sent Renu Kaul litter pickers, vests and plastic bags which arrived on Thursday, 21 July 2011 at her home.



A Big thank you to all the members and Councillors that took part. It has and will keep making a difference to the area.”

Bulky Waste

Did you know that the council offers free collection of bulky waste. See the leaflet below for further details or visit the page on the Brent Council website.

Bulky waste
This leaflet describes the service offered by Brent Council for Bulky Waste.
6668 bulky waste 2pp A5 2012b.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [154.2 KB]

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Christmas Party

The Christmas party was a great sussess. Look out for some photos soon.

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