Anti Social Behaviour

There are three main areas of concern with regards to Anti-Social Behaviour that affect Sudbury residents.
They are;


Follow the links to find out what we are doing in each of these areas.



Unfortunately, Sudbury & Harrow Road station has recently become the haunt of local youths who gather there to hang out, smoke and indulge in other anti-social practices. So far there have been no reports of assault or harassment, but such activity naturally makes the station off-putting to passengers. Metropolitan and British Transport Police have been informed, as has Chiltern's local station manager, so we hope action will be taken in the near future to rid the station of these undesirable and unwelcome "users".  British Transport Police are currently running a "See It, Say It - Sorted!" campaign, encouraging anyone witnessing anything untoward to notify them by text message on 61016, so please do not hesitate to use this.


See the video below filmed by Geoff Marshall as part of his all the stations adventure.

A message from the Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Sudbury Safer Neighbourhoods Team recently sent out one of our quarterly virtual ward panel surveys. This happens around a month before our ward panel meeting is due to take place so that we can gather ideas as to what needs to be discussed and come up with solutions. The  following information makes up the results:


75% of you stated that you believe there is a problem regarding anti social behaviour in the WINDMORE CLOSE area. As a result of this our patrols will yet again be increased in this area however please can I encourage members of the public to call us when this is actually taking place, that way we can attend if we are on duty and deal with the culprits who are there. I have cc'd the housing officer for that area into this e mail so that she is also aware.


50% of you are concerned over drug dealing in the area of MAYBANK AVENUE, FERNBANK AVENUE and ROSEBANK AVENUE. Plain clothes patrols will be taking place over the coming weeks to try and combat this however any information any local residents have as to suspects (even if its just a description) or times etc it is taking place would be hugely appreciated. Again, it is fine to call us when these deals are taking place and we will attend as soon as possible where it is practical.


90% of you believe that the Paan spitting problem in SUDBURY TOWN, HARROW ROAD has increased. We are doing our best to ensure this is not the case by issuing PND's for £90 and have raised this issue at a local LJAG meeting today. Some ideas have been talked about for a new campaign which we will keep you updated with once we know more.


Anti social behaviour still appears to be an issue in GAUNTLETT COURT however the suspects
are now young males aged 16-25. The issue we are having is that local residents are not calling us when it is happening. I cant encourage you enough to do so! We will always treat calls with the strictest of confidence.


Finally 50% of you who answered our survey stated that there are concerns over people hanging around the MAYBANK OPEN SPACE once it gets dark and into the night. We are currently conducting both uniformed and plain clothes patrols in this area to try and eradicate large groups hanging around and also to prevent drinking happening there in the evenings.


Sudbury safer neighbourhoods are always happy to speak with local residents about any issues that are happening in and around the Sudbury area. We work on a shift pattern basis so are available at different times of the week/ day to meet with people. We are also more than happy to take calls on our ward mobile number seen below

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