How to join

As a temporary measure during COVID and because of the cost of living crisis membership fees have been suspended for 2020 2021 2022 and 2023


STRA exists to make Sudbury the best it can be, and the more of us there are, the more we can achieve.


Whether you want to get involved in our projects, support our campaigns, come along to our meetings and social events to meet your friendly neighbours or simply stay up to date with the local goings on in Sudbury, STRA membership is a great way to do it.


 6 Reasons to join


  • Local interest talks and events:

reularly organising talks of local interest on a wide rane of subjects


  • Waste watchers:

Clearing rubbish in Sudbury and reporting anti-social waste and issues with street furniture


  • Safer Neighbourhood board:

STRA representative on this board to communicate crime and to keep an eye on local initiatives


  • Local association and group liaison:

STRA representaive attends other public and group meetings


  • Planning applications:

monitoring applications in order to object to inappropriate redevelopment


  • Local council liaison:

STRA works with councillors on local initiatives


Take a look at the documents below if you are thinking of joining STRA.

STRA Handout
Read our original handout
Adobe Acrobat document [217.7 KB]
STRA Constitution
STRA Constitution (see addendum below)
2017-05-30 Constitution - signed.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.9 MB]
Sudbury Ward Map
Sudbury Ward.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [10.7 MB]

Note on constitution

The above Constitution is legally valid and has been approved by Brent Council in regards to our Forum Status.  It replaces that agreed at the 2018 SGM and reverts to that in force in 2017.


The Town & Country Planing ACt of 1990, revised in 2012, Part III Neighbourhood development orders Section 61F Part (5) states:


(5) A local planning authority may designate an organisation or body as a neighbourhood forum if the authority are satisfied that it meets the following conditions—

(a) it is established for the express purpose of promoting or improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of an area that consists of or includes the neighbourhood area concerned (whether or not it is also established for the express purpose of promoting the carrying on of trades, professions or other businesses in such an area),

(b) its membership is open to—
(i) individuals who live in the neighbourhood area concerned,
(ii) individuals who work there (whether for businesses carried on there or otherwise), and
(iii) individuals who are elected members of a county council, district council or London borough council any of whose area falls within the neighbourhood area concerned,


(c) its membership includes a minimum of 21 individuals each of whom—
(i) lives in the neighbourhood area concerned,
(ii) works there (whether for a business carried on there or otherwise), or
(iii) is an elected member of a county council, district council or London borough council any of whose area falls within the neighbourhood area concerned,

(d) it has a written constitution, and

(e) such other conditions as may be prescribed.


STRA has met all requirements since 2012.  Every 5 years the Law requires us to renew our Forum status, which STRA successfully did in December 2017.


The Constitution attached was ratified at the AGM in May 2017.  This Constitution was submitted with the renewal documents and subsequently accepted by Cllr. Shama Tatler, Head of Planning & Regeneration for Brent Council.


This Constitution is legally valid and has been fully accepted by Brent Council as compliant with the TCPA 1990 for STRA's Forum status.


Addendum 1 / 2023
The Annual Subscription or Membership Fee is temporarily suspended to support our local community during the current cost of living crisis and encourage unity through these difficult times.

There is no change to the Constitution, as this is a Crisis Response.
Addendum_fee_suspension_2023_KR (002).pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [88.1 KB]
Addendum 2/ 2023
The recent Ward boundary changes in Brent has resulted in the Neighbourhood area being situated within the wards of Sudbury, Northwick Park and Wembley Central. This has no impact on the Neighbourhood Forum Area boundaries and does not effect the Neighbourhood Plan 2015.

There is no change to the Constitution 2017, this is to provide further information to the Sudbury Town Neighbourhood Forum Community.
Addendum_Boundary_changes_2023_KR (002).[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [88.2 KB]

Join us!

Do you live in Sudbury? Are you passionate about improving the area? Guess what, so are we!


We've got regular meetings, plenty of social events and a burning desire to maintain everything that's great about Sudbury – and see what we can do to improve the not-so-great parts too.


Join STRA today and do as much or as little as you like.

Tel: 020 8144 5645



Get involved!

Are you good at anything? Do you have skills we might need?


Seriously, anything at all!


Whatever skills or experience you have, we could use your help. We've got lots of ongoing campaigns, projects and ideas and we would simply love it if you got involved!


To find out more about getting involved, email, with the subject heading "Get involved!", and briefly introduce yourself.


Next Meeting 

For details of the next members meeting and a write up of our AGM click here. 

Christmas Party

The 2023 Christmas party was a great sussess.The date of the next Christmas Party will be announced soon.

Social Media

STRA has two Facebook Pages, one for general STRA matters and one for events. Sudbury Town also has its own Facebook page.