The 'official' opening of the Volunteer Library at 428 High Road was on Saturday 11 August 2012.
More photos and information can be seen on In our new premises we are able to expand our opening hours, which are now:


Saturdays 11 to 5 and Monday & Wednesday 12 to 5


Note that the views expressed on this page are those of the Friends of Barham Library.



Under 5s Story Telling & Rhyme sessions


Friends of Barham Library have started an under 5s Story Telling & Rhyme sessions in the Community Library in Barham Park on Tuesday Morning from 10:30 to 11:30am.


The Library is along the Harrow Road frontage at 660 Harrow Road Wembley HA0 2HB and buses 18, 92, 182, 204 and H17 stop by.


A donation of just 50p session per child towards the running costs is all that us needed.


Posted 1 July 2017



After 5 years of hard work and campaigning Friends of Barham Library will be opening a Community Library and Activity Centre in part of the building in Barham Park at 660 Harrow Road Wembley.


While we cannot have the old library building we have been successful in bidding for the former Lounge/Reception building on the frontage of Harrow Road (opposite Chaplin Road). The space is smaller than the former library and we may not be able to do everything we want - BUT it gives us a much needed foothold back in Barham Park.


There has been of a bit of a delay because of major damp problems in part of the building requiring hacking off the plaster, complete replastering and redecorating. After much negotiating we finally signed the 'Heads of Terms' last week and hope to finalise the Lease by the end of February in time for opening in March/April.


The timing is fortunate as our temporary shop premises at 428 High Road Wembley have just been sold by the owner and we need to vacate them by 2 March 2016. We'll continue to operate from Sudbury Town Underground station where our 3 year lease is up for renewal in August this year.




The rent and service charges for the new premises will be £8,500 per year. On top of this we'll need to pay for utilities, internet, fire & burglar alarms, insurance and of course books and materials. I estimate that we'll need to raise around £20,000+ a year to keep going.


Our first priority is to set up the new Library and to fully develop it over the next 12 months. Initially we'll start we books and activities and then expand to providing computesr and internet access.


During the month of February we'll be clearing out the shop at 428 High Road Wembley and setting up the shelving and furniture in Barham Park.


To make space and raise much needed cash will be having a BIG SALE of everything in our premises in Wembley and Sudbury Town. Please come and support us by coming to buy some books and anything else . We have far too many books and not enough space to store them. So please come along and encourage others to come too.




Ours will be COMMUNITY Library and Activity Centre run by volunteers. We will therefore need local people willing to commit to helping out for a set number of hours each week. Please get in touch if you are interested.




We are organising a number of Open Days to show off the new space in Barham Park as soon as we have been give access.




As in previous years we'll be holding a BIG LUNCH event in Barham Park. This year it will be on Sunday 12 June 2016. Please put the date in your diary.


The idea of the Big Lunch is for local people to get together for a ,picnic in the park, bring their own food and refreshments and to share it with their friends and neighbours. 


We plan to work with local Residents Associations and other local Groups and to ensure that as many people as possible know about the event and come and join us on the day.




Finally a big THANK YOU to everyone who stuck with us and supported us on this 5 year long journey. I hope that all the determination and hard work has been worthwhile.


We'll advise of the Open Days and provide an update as soon as we have some confirmed dates.

Future use of library buildings

Brent Council applied for change of use of the closed Library space in Barham Park from 'community' to office/light industrial.

Councillors on the Planning Committee visited the Barham Park Complex on Saturday 9 November at around 9:40am. There was a large presence from local people to show that we care about our Library and that the space should continue to be available for wide ranging community use.
  The Planning Application for change of use submitted by Brent Council officers on behalf of ACAVA who want to turn it into 29 Artist Studios will be considered on Wednesday 13 November at 7pm at the Civic Centre. When Friends of Barham Library approached ACAVA about the possibility of sharing they said NO.




Friends of Barham Library say THANK YOU to Brent's Planning Committee


Friends of Barham Library expressed their thanks to Councillors on the Planning Committee for giving them and other community activists a fair hearing when considering a planning application which would have ended community use status for the currently closed Barham Library building and other parts of the Barham Park complex which were donated for  'public' use by local benefactor Titus Barham over 75 years ago.


The Library which served local people for almost 60 years was closed by Labour Councillors on 13 October 2011.


Speaking on behalf of continuing planning status as a community facility for the closed library building were Phil Grant from Wembley History Society, Alton Bell from youth & community organisation called Pivot Point who already and run a Youth Club in Sudbury and local Councillor Paul Lorber.


The only person who spoke in favour of the application was Councillor Mary Daly as the other supporter of the proposal, Mr Andrew Gillick behind the controversial plans for Kensal Rise and Cricklewood Library buildings who was listed to speak did not bother to turn up.


Councillors at the planning committee were convinced by the impassioned case presented that the Sudbury Community needs continuing access to its most important local building and voted 6 votes to just 1 to REFUSE the application for change of use.


"We are grateful for the continuing support from the people of all nationalities & backgrounds living in the Sudbury area. We are now keen to build on the Planning Committee decision and make the case of bringing back into use the Barham buildings for the benefit of the whole community" says Councillor for Sudbury Paul Lorber who helps to run 2 volunteer libraries for Friends of Barham Library.


Friends of Barham Library will continue to operate their volunteer libraries at Sudbury Town Underground Station and at 428 High Road Wembley HA9 6AH (near Argos) and are urging for local people to visit and join in with their activities.


For more information about opening times email or visit
their website on or join their facebook group and please join our library or your local library and read some books.

Friends of Barham Library Open 2nd Volunteer Library

Friends of Barham Library received their keys to their new Volunteer Library premises in Sudbury Town Underground Station from Per Andersson of Transport for London and are opening their 2nd Volunteer Library & Bookshop this week.


Volunteers  Councillor Paul Lorber and STRA member Francis Henry from accepted the keys and worked hard to repair & furnish the new premises. They also filled the shelves with donated books in good time for the opening.


Barham Park Library was closed by Councillors in Brent in October 2011 together with 5 others across Brent. Friends of Barham Library continue campaign to get back into the closed building in Barham Park and in the meantime will continue to run their 2 volunteer libraries in Wembley and Sudbury to offer a replacement service to local people.


"Local people are very upset that Councillors closed their local library which served the community for almost 60 years. It is young people and the elderly who feel the loss most. We want our library back and will continue our campaign through direct action and service for local people" says volunteer Francis Henry.


To help pay for the new premises Paul Lorber will take part in a 5km run around Wembley Stadium and is calling on 500 local people to sponsor him for just £1 to raise £500. Paul can be sponsored on line at Virgin

or directly by cheque to Friends of Barham Library 17 Stapenhill Road Wembley HA0 3JF.


Photo shows Per Andersson from TFL handing keys to the  Sudbury Town Station shop premises to Paul Lorber and  Francis Henry with volunteers Judy and Val looking on.


Please support Friends of Barham Library One click only  no registration required If we get the moist clicks we get £ 500 For our registered charity Friends of Barham Library





The text below was written by Friends of Barham Library.
I am pleased to report that after some hard work by our volunteers our new  premises at Sudbury Town Underground Station, Station Approach Sudbury (buses  245 and 204 stop right outside - and 18, 92 and 182 nearby) is almost ready.

We are stocking the shelves with books and experimenting with opening times.


 We will initially open @ Sudbury Town 3 times per week as follows:

Tuesdays 10:30 to 1:30p.m
Thursday 10:30 to 1:30p.m.
Friday 10:30 to 1:30p.m.

As soon as we sign up and confirm new Volunteers we will expand these opening times.


Our original Volunteer Library near Argos & Daniels Estate Agents in Wembley High Road (buses 18, 83, 92 and 182 stop right outside) will continue to be open as follows:

Mondays 12 to 5p.m.
Wednesdays 12 to 5p.m.
Saturdays 11 to 5p.m. 

This means that over the two branches we will be open for 25 hours per week on 6 days of the week.
We are taking part in the Festival and on Saturday 28 September we will have an Open Day at Sudbury Town Station starting from around 11a.m until around 4 p.m. we will have children story telling, poetry and readings and other activities. Please come and visit us in Sudbury Town. (there is a gift aid form on our website)


With various repairs, new fire extinguishers etc it will cost us over £500 to fully set up our Sudbury Town premises. This is why I am once again doing a fundraising run for Friends of Barham Library - a 5km run around Wembley Stadium on Sunday 6 October. 

I am hoping to find 500 people to sponsor me for just £1 each. You can sponsor me on virginmoneygiving/ or directly by cheque. Please help by spreading the word. Thank You.


 On 13 October it will be 2 years since Councillors closed Barham Park and 5 other local libraries in Brent.

 To celebrate our continuing campaign to get as many if these libraies as possible and to commemorate the closures Brent SOS will once again do a relay run between the closed libraries . This year it will take place on Saturday 12 October and include a run from Wembley High Road, to Sudbury Town Station, then to the closed Library in Barham Park ending at the closed Preston Library.


The Council has applied for planning permission to change the use of the closed Library from community use (D1) to office/light industrial (B1). 

They need planning permission before they can let the building to an organisation who wish to create 29 artists studios. We asked them if they would share with us so that we could provide a community library but they refused claiming that library use was not compatible with their uses of the building.

 We are opposing the planning application and urging all concerned residents to do the same. You can object on the internet by going to the Brent Council webiste, clicking on the box for planning and then searching for planning application 13/2179. We need as many objections as possible from local people so please make the effort.




Friends of Barham Library are expanding their book service to local people by offering great value 2nd hand books to Sudbury residents by teaming up with Nikki’s Coffee Bar at Sudbury Town Underground Station, Station Approach Sudbury.

Nikki’s Coffee Bar was set up by local Sudbury resident Nicola Amory-Hypolite to provide great coffee, cakes and refreshments for local people. She has now offered to display some books for Friends of Barham Library that can be bought for just £1 each as part of their fundraising effort to get back into the closed library in Barham Park.

Friends of Barham Library currently operate a Volunteer library and 2nd hand bookshop from 428 high Road Wembley HA9 6AH but are determined to get back to the historic home in Barham Park which provided a local community library from 1952 until it was closed by Labour Councillors in October 2011.

As part of their campaign to improve access to books Friends of Barham Library are keen to
build partnerships with small businesses in the Sudbury area.“Nicola is working very hard to establish a successful business in Sudbury and deserves the support from local people. We are delighted and grateful that Nicola she has agreed to display our books and help to publicise our book service to more people in Sudbury. We urge all our supporters to visit Sudbury Town during peak times for some great coffee & cake and to pick up a cheap book at the same time” says Councillor Paul Lorber one of the Friends of Barham Library volunteers.

Friends of Barham Library Volunteer Library & 2nd Hand Bookshop at 428 High Road Wembley HA9 6AH Close to Argos & Daniels Estate Agents ) is open Mondays & Wednesdays between 12 and 5p.m and Saturdays 11 to 5p.m. with buses 18, 92 and 182 stopping right outside.




Barham Park is a Charity managed by Brent Council. The Park and Buildings were  gifted for "the recreation of the public" by Titus Barham in 1936.

Just to keep control and to stop any chance of reviving the Library (soemthing that local people actually want) the one Party Labour Executive decided that all 5 Trustees of the Charity should be 5 Labour Councillors - including James Powney.

Despite our protests and despite receiving a Report which even the officers described as 'sub standard' these 5 biased Trustees decided to lease the former Library and other parts of the Barham Complex to an organisation out of Brent which plans to convert it into artists studios.

In the last 2 years we have been campaigning to Save Barham Library not one person has been in touch suggesting that what our area desparately needs are 29 studios for artists.

Friends of Barham Library have approached the organisation to see if they could share but they told us that it would cost us a rent in excess of £30,000 a year.


The Council has now advertised their intention to lease the building and the Friends of Barham Library  are urging our supporters to send in an objection arguing that the Barham Park buildings should be made available to local organisations, including for a Library, as Titus Barham intended when he gifted his home and gardens to the people of Wembley.


Please send your objections to Fiona Ledden, Solicitor to the Council, Brent Town Hall, Forty Lane, Wembley HA9 9 HD


Our Campaign continues despite this setback as we are determined to get aLibrary to serve local people in Barham Park.


We have just had a donation of between 2 and 3,000 2nd hand books and our library is overflowing.

We sell some of our books at knockdown porices to simply create some space and also to raise funds.

Please come and visit us and SPREAD THE WORD.


Our Library & Bookshop (near Argos & Daniels Estate Agents Wembley) is open Saturdays 11 to 5 and Monday & Wednesday 12 to 5. Buses 18, 83, 92 and 182 stop right outside.

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